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Rug Restoration and Cleaning

We offer our clients a variety of choices with their rug restoration needs as well as a thorough cleaning process. When we speak with a customer about their rugs, we ask that they bring the rugs into our showroom so that, with the customer, we may address all of the restoration needs and explain the process that will improve the quality and longevity of their rug.

In-Home Demonstration

For select in-state customers, we can offer to drive to your home or office and lay out a variety of pre-chosen rugs. We can work from the fabrics and picture samples you send us or you can visit our store and choose the rugs yourself. Come give our in-home demonstrations a try today!


For select in-state customers, we can offer to drive to your home or office and deliver your rug purchase. We work from the ground up, positioning your rug to your exact specification with a pad if necessary. We can bring solely the rugs you chose or a few other options so that all your rug needs are met.


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